Booking and payment

On this page, you find more information about how to book your trip with us and payment options.


How do I book my tour with Wadi Rum Safari

Booking your trip with Wadi Rum Safari is easy. Fill out our booking form or you can send us an email.


What information is required to make a booking?

We would like you to provide us with the following information:

Traveller(s) information
First name
Last name
Names of your travel companions
Your email
Your phone
Your nationality
Number of adults
Number of children including their age

Arrival information
Arrival date
From which city you come to Wadi Rum?
What time do you plan to arrive?
By what means of transportation?

Departure information
Departure date
What is your next destination?
Which means of transportation do you plan to use?

Do you want information about travel options (public transport and taxi transfers)?

Tour, overnight stay and possible extensions
Which tour do you want to book?
What do you prefer for your overnight stay?
If you choose to stay overnight in a tent in our camp, what type of tent do you prefer?
Do you want to extend your stay with a pre- and/or post-night?
Do you which to extend your tour with a camel ride?

Additional information
Do you have dietary requirements?
In case you have a question, request or remark, please let us know
How did you find us?


Is there a bank or ATM in Rum Village?

Unfortunately, there is no bank and no ATM in the village. And payment by credit card is not possible.


How to pay for my tour?

We prefer our guests to pay in cash Jordanian Dinars upon arrival.