What to wear?

Being in a desert area means you have to protect yourself from the elements. It is important to protect yourself from the harsh sun and blowing sand. And you also need to prepare yourself for hot or cold conditions.


What kind of clothes are advised to wear?

It’s important that your clothes protect your skin from harsh sun and blowing sand. Wearing loose, long sleeves is the best way to do this. Clothes that are light-weight and light-coloured are most suited. Further it’s important they allow you to do anything from sitting on the ground, riding a camel to scrambling up mountains and into the back of the jeep. So how nice your skirts and dresses may look, they are impractical in the desert. We appreciate it very much if you respect our custom of dressing modestly. This means wearing clothes that cover your arms, legs and neck.


What kind of shoes are advised to wear?

Walking shoes, sneakers, trainers and sandals are all suitable footwear in the desert. In case you go hiking and scrambling we advise you to bring hiking shoes and walking socks.


What kind of headwear is recommended?

To protect yourself for the harsh sun we advise you to bring a hat or headscarf. We also recommend to wear sunglasses